It's been fifteen years since the events of Blood & Oil. The planet Isra has been found, the Kahlrani restored, and the Empire has become a place of second chances. Old ways and new realities have shoved issues to the fore that cannot be ignored.

Emperor Gar of Clan Delapore is quite aware that his society is at a tipping point, putting him in a position to push.

It won't be easy. Gar is backed by some of the most powerful people on Isra, but the Lord Marshal and the Dragon can't fix everything. With numbers low and the Clans depleted, the civilian population feels they finally stand a chance to rule themselves. Meanwhile, other Clans are issuing challenge, convinced that Gar and Delapore can replaced, and the title of Emperor seized.

The galaxy is a dangerous place and the Empire can’t afford unrest. Gar will pull in whatever allies he can, but nightmares and bad blood take their toll, and even Gar is not what he seems.

In a galaxy of advanced technology and dark magic, two paths cross, not for the first time.

The Commonwealth, a robot haven, has acquired a problem. Diplomatic relations with Jonson's Point, a backwater human colony, have stalled. A lone holdout, Velia Jonson, stands in the way of a mutually beneficial tech contract.

Lacking options, but with ulterior motives, the Commonwealth sends Seti 639, an unorthodox and frustrated individual whose reward for success is the return of missing memory files detailing his past. It seems a simple task, but even simple things are never easy, and Velia Jonson has secrets of her own.

While dark truths lurk in the shadows, and no one is what they seem, forgotten things carry consequences, the past doesn't stay buried, and those who deal with devils often pay with their soul.

Blood& Oil is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Oran was a great Sage, master of strange magic. The Temple she built has stood for ten thousand years, testament to her power. The heir of her House, Targ, never wanted to run the Temple of Oran, never wished for power or notoriety. All he really wanted was to keep his mother happy, uphold his father’s legacy, and maybe find a girl.

It’s not to be. Disaster strikes and Targ must decide if unleashing hell is better than watching the world burn. Deep in the Temple lies a forbidden Gate, and rather than stand by as foul magic rends his planet asunder, he opens it. What comes through will change everything Targ knows about himself, his House, and the source of Oran’s power.

Author  & Ilustrator